A short time ago, in the Twitter space, a local game developer complained about a game development scheduling conflict. Which prompted from a second game developer the wish for a comprehensive event calendar. For which my immediate thought was “that’s something some programming can solve”. And hence I started working up a quick Python script to merge a bunch of calendars into one. And like the best programmers I stole a bunch of code someone else had written and edited for my use!

I’ll hopefully be adding different kinds of local development calendars. But for now you can get the game development calendar here. It is currently composed of the following other calendars:

If you have a calendar you think would be good to add to the above list please contact me here on on Twitter. Note, the calendar must be publicly accessible and in iCalendar format.

René Ferdinand Rivera Morell

I program, mostly in C++, and mostly game engine systems. But I also manage to program open source tools, libraries, and contribute to C++ standardization. I've been known to take pictures, many, many pictures. If you're curious about the OSS work I do, learn more at my sponsor page: https://github.com/sponsors/grafikrobot - https://github.com/grafikrobot - https://cpplang.slack.com / grafikrobot - https://twitter.com/grafikrobot - https://cohost.org/grafikrobot - https://www.linkedin.com/in/rrivera/ - https://robot-dreams.net/author/grafik/ - grafikrobot @ libera.chat - @grafikrobot@allforall.net - @grafik@robot-dreams.net

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