Working It Out

More than a year ago I was laid off. Which happens to be a rather common occurrence in the game development field. Like many people in that situation I went into a frantic “search for new job” mode. I was lucky to land a new job at Phosphor Games. Which proved to me how outstanding the Chicago game development industry is.

But, alas, I wasn’t as happy as I thought I could be and more importantly I wasn’t as productive as I have been in the past. I’m the kind of person that needs big challenges to drive me. So I went looking for a place I could pursue those challenges. And after a chance encounter with an old colleague at a bar, after a game development meeting, I decided to listen to his work proposition. And, quite unexpectedly, I found what I was looking for. Everything I heard and everything I though made me think “I like this challenge.”

I’ll be starting a new job in April helping out CodeBeast get their Chicago office off the ground. I’m excited to tackle this challenge. Saying that I’m certain everything will work out would be highly out of my character.. But I can say there will be many fun challenges to work out in my future.

René Ferdinand Rivera Morell

I program, mostly in C++, and mostly game engine systems. But I also manage to program open source tools, libraries, and contribute to C++ standardization. I've been known to take pictures, many, many pictures. If you're curious about the OSS work I do, learn more at my sponsor page: - - / grafikrobot - - - - - grafikrobot @ - -

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